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All Midnight Mushing Parkas, Anoraks, ans Mitts have the warmth, comfort, and durability you’ve come to expect in our products. Designed, developed, and tested in Alaska since 1984, by dog mushers for dog mushers and other outdoor enthusiasts, all Parkas and Anoraks are one of a kind originals. Our Heat Barrier™ Mitts have been personally trail tested to -70 °F and kept our hands warm and cozy without additional heat sources. Our business is named for Midnight, Becky’s lead dog of a lifetime and constant companion for 15 years. midnight died in the spring of 1999- we still miss her.

Thanks for your interest,

B. Bowers
Owner, Midnight Mushing

Raves from our customers

I wanted to let you know that I have owned one of your Anoraks for over three years and cannot say enough about the quality and warmth of the jacket. I own a construction company and am a very active person who enjoys being outside in the winter as much as I do in the summer month. To say the least, I am very tough on my clothing. The anorak is still as warm as the day I bought it and the outer shell is bomb proof. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!

Brian Flemming, President
Big Street Construction, Inc
North Pole, Alaska

Parkas and Anoraks

Our parkas and anoraks come in a wide variety of colors and combinations. Each one is a unique original. The outer shell is made of tough 330denier Supplex Cordura®, the same fabric currently favored for dog booties for its strength, breathability and light weight. The insulation is Lamilite®, a continuous filament fiber that retains 90% of it’s insulating qualities even when saturated, and offers superior compressibility and loft. Anoraks are available with or without reflective piping. All come with Native inspired trim. Doug makes the buttons and zipper pulls for our clothing from moose and caribou antlers. Alaska Range Creations supplies the ruffs for parkas and anoraks.

The main difference between our parkas and anoraks is zipper length. Anoraks feature a partial (14″) zipper and a slightly fuller cut for ease in layering. This was our original design, and anoraks are still the favorite with dog mushers and snowmachiners who value the extra warmth a half zipper affords. Our parkas feature a full zipper and slightly slimmer cut, but they still comfortably accommodate layers. We added parkas to our line for customers who wanted the convenience of a full zipper in a garment they often wear around town. Both anoraks and parkas are include waist drawstrings for extra warmth, accessed from inside generously sized pockets, and zipper flaps to reduce drafts.

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Khaki, Black, Navy, Teal, Purple, Plum, Camel*
*Not all colors available in all sizes. Please email for assistance in sizing and available colors.

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Heat Barrier Mitts

One of our best sellers for years, now available with Thermo-Lite (currently called Silver Lining™). Trail tested at -70 degrees for 7 1/2 hours. Our hands were warm and toasty. For you lucky people with warm hands, mitts are still available without Thermo-Lite®. All styles come with Cordura® or elk hide palms.

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Buttons & Zipper Pulls

Doug makes the buttons and zipper pulls for our clothing from moose and caribou antlers.

Fur Ruffs from Alaska Range Creations

Ruffs Fur Ruffs from Alaska Range Creations supplies the ruffs for the parkas and anoraks. Superior, functional fur works! Hand crafted in the mountains of the Alaska Range.

Alaska Range Creations
PO Box 164
Cantwell, Alaska 99729

Suz Kisken, Custom Furrier
Fairbanks, Alaska