There are many things in the world that we just want to keep to ourselves. We make bonds and connections to everything in the way of the world. It is a natural human reaction and it is something that you have to give some thought to. It is something that all of us, has been through one way or another.

It’s okay to have some bonds with the world, the problem is we also collect the things that makes about it too. The next thing you know there is about 800 junk in your life that you certainly don’t need. When you have a hard time of letting things go in your life, there are a couple of method you can try to say bye bye. The problem with holding on to things, is that at times you also hold yourself back.

So, when you really want to move on, it may be time for you to let things go and move on too. Here in this article, you will learn how to let things in your life go. Minimalism isn’t just about the physical space it is a lifestyle that touches all aspects of your life.

1. KONMARI Method

This method works in the physical aspect of your life, the easiest would be the physical space surrounding you such as your home. You might need to let things go, so that is something that you want to deal with all in all. Konmari method is simply holding a thing and feeling whether they spark joy in you or not.

If the thing does spark joy in you then it is time for you to keep it to yourself, if not you must give it away. You can throw it away or something but it is something that you have to think about.


In this world where you can get connected to just about anything with just one click away. You will have to turn those off for a while especially when you are working or when you are connecting with yourself. You have to have a schedule of things you need to do. It is easy for you to get distracted and get waylaid of the things you need to finish.

It makes it so much worse, if you see that your friends are doing great and you aren’t doing it so. It stresses you out and it pressures you to doing things you aren’t ready to do.


If you are used to saying to everything even if you don’t want to do it, you are setting up a cluttered life. It includes getting into trouble as well as because you are saying yes to things you don’t want to do or don’t want to have. It is rather something you have to take care of so you don’t go buying things you don’t need to.